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High Soft high flexible LED display module with factory price and best color uniformity.
we choose High-Quality Nationstar/Kinglight/Hongsen LEDs from LED Lamps Factory directly which have high color contrast and best color uniformity so as to meet the need for high grayscale and keeping natural color


High Quality LED

Made with High quality LED chips provided by industry-leading LED manufacturers such as Nationstar, Kinglight, Sanan, etc. The modules are better quality with best contrast.

Strict Aging Test

Provide 72 hours aging test and 24 hours video aging to ensure the LED display moudles have best stability, reliability and have no bad LEDs at all.

Stable IC Drivers

High performance IC drivers such as MIB5153,MBI5124, ICN2153,ICN2038S are used to ensure the LED module has high refresh rate to offer best visual experience.

Frontal Service

highly magnetic magnets is used for Soft LED display module, and it help th emodule can be accessed from front side. Installation and operation is very easy and convenient.

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Flexible Soft LED Display Module

Pixel PitchLED TypeDensity(dot/㎡)Module PixelModule Size(mm)Driving ModeBrightness(Nits)
240*120mm Series
320*160mm Series
256*128mm Series

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1. What is a Flexible LED Module

The regular LED module is made of a hard PCB board and a bottom shell mask, without any softness. Either it cannot be used when it encounters radians and bends, or it needs extra processes such as corner cutting to make it so.

A flexible LED module was to solve the above problems. A Flexible LED module is also called a flexible LED screen, or LED soft screen, because of its relatively high flexibility, so it can be folded and bent.

The display principle of the flexible LED module is the same as that of the regular LED screen. The difference is that the flexible PCB and the bottom shell mask are used, which makes the module very soft and can fold at 120 degrees.

2. Advantages and Characteristics of Flexible LED Display Modules

1. Most of the installation methods of LED flexible modules are magnetic column suction.

Quick and easy to install, but also easy to shape. The installation method of the magnetic suction is as simple as the installation method of the regular LED indoor screen, and the connection lines of the cabinet are connected by quick butt joints, which are firm and reliable.

2. It has good ductility and can be shaped arbitrarily.

Among them, the cylindrical screen has high brush performance and can be hoisted, fabricated, hung, etc., to meet the requirements of the site to the greatest extent.

Using advanced digital video processing, technology distributed scanning. 360-degree high-definition display, modular design. Constant current static drive, high brightness true color output, clear picture without jitter.

3. High-quality and the maintenance cost is low.

High brightness, low dead light rate, energy saving, and power saving. Seamless splicing can control the splicing error between modules within plus or minus 0.1mm. It can be made into any shape according to the needs of users.

Good flatness, made of silicone, soft to the touch, no protruding fingers. Support real-time broadcast. Prevent the moisture and oxidation of the line, and improve the service life.

3. The Difference Between Flexible LED Modules and Regular LED Modules

Most of the LEDs we usually see are composed of regular LED modules or cabinets. Its modules are rigid and cannot be bent. The whole display is flat, and even the effect of the curved surface is achieved through manual installation.

The introduction of flexible LED module technology has fundamentally changed this problem.

It no longer needs a special method to splice into different shapes. It is a flexible module itself, so its flexibility is better, which is the main difference between it and regular LED modules.

Ordinary LED modules can create basically horizontal and vertical LED display screens.

LED soft modules can be spliced into various special-shaped display effects such as small-area circular LEDs, inner tension shapes, outer ring shapes, and wave shapes.

According to different packaging technologies and processes, regular LED modules can have a pitch of less than 1 mm, and various specifications of small-pitch LED products have been launched.

Since the LED flexible module needs to be bent, if its pixel pitch is too small, it will require very high packaging technology. So its dot spacing can’t be too small. P1.579 is very small under this circumstance. It can also ensure the stability of the lamp beads.

Common LED screen modules are very versatile, they can be used indoors or outdoors.

Regular LED modules are widely used in advertising displays, publicity, information release, command and monitoring center, big data display, and other fields.

LED soft modules are used by indoor users, mainly in the fields of advertising displays and exhibition halls that pursue personalized displays.

Such as museums, stations, places, and other occasions.

To put it simply, the difference between flexible LED modules and ordinary LED modules is that the former can make the modules soft, so that they can be spliced into curved LED screens.

This makes the LED display greatly expand its application, and the difference in structure also causes the difference in their display effect and use.

4. Application of Flexible LED Display Modules

1. Curved screen

If it is an inner curved LED display, and the curvature is not very large, it is easy to do.

However, if the inner or outer arc is relatively large, then it cannot be made by a normal LED display module, but it is easy to make it with a flexible LED module.

2. Cylindrical screen

In the lobby of some hotels, conference rooms, bars, etc. many columns are cylindrical. Designers will turn these pillars into display screens, and play some special videos to improve the decoration level or create a special atmosphere.

It is complicated to make it with regular LED screen modules, but the flexible LED module is very suitable for it.

3. Other special shapes

Some special shapes are often used by designers.

There are many applications for flexible LED modules, mainly because the modules are relatively soft, foldable, and bendable. As long as your idea can be realized with this feature, you can use it.

Royal Display provides you with a comprehensive display system solution.

5. Which is better, a Flexible LED Display or a Regular LED Display?

Through the analysis of the above characteristics, we know that the flexible LED is lighter, thinner, and more transparent than the conventional LED display. Easy installation and maintenance, flexible bending, more energy saving, etc.

But that doesn’t mean which of the two is better. This depends on the specific application field and display needs.

For example, plazas, hotels, commercial streets, and other places only need to simply play videos. Then the application effect of traditional full-color LED displays will be better.

If it is the field of stage design, nightclub, and building surface decoration, which requires cool and personalized, then it is better to choose LED soft screens, which can be made into various shapes such as spherical or curved.

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