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Light-Emitting Diode (LED) is a semiconductor electronic component that emits light.

SMD LED stands for Surface Mount Device Light Emitting Diode.

It is a light-emitting diode in chip shape.

Surface mount devices are the device that can be mounted on PCB’s easily so the SMD led is the LED which can be mounted on PCB or on light strips directly.

Discrete LEDs are surface mounted LEDs that are typically either lit individually or together to illuminate a small area.

Pixel pitch describes the density of the pixels (LED clusters) on an LED display and correlates with resolution.

A smaller pixel pitch means higher pixel density, which gives higher resolution. Likewise, a higher pixel pitch means lower pixel density and lower resolution.

The 16:9 aspect ratio describes a width of 16 units and a height of 9 units. Depending on the device, you can measure a unit in pixels, inches, or millimeters, for example.

Moiré effect is a visual perception that occurs when viewing a set of lines or dots that is superimposed on another set of lines or dots, where the sets differ in relative size, angle, or spacing.

The viewing angle of a device or piece of hardware is the maximum angle where users can still view the display well. Different types of devices and displays have different viewing angles, due to things like pixel brilliance, the flow of current through display materials and the general engineering of the ways that the screens present themselves as interfaces.

The process of a gradual decrease in its brightness due to poor cooling of the crystal.

  1. Choose environmentally friendly materials
  2. The adjustment system with automatic brightness adjustment is adopted
  3. Constant current noise reduction technology
  4. Multilevel gray correction technology
  5. A strong convection heat removal system makes the heat dissipation system stable
  6. Power supply

The use of LED display is divided into indoor and outdoor, whether indoor or outdoor, its service life is greater than 100000 hours, because the backlight is generally LED lights, so the life of the backlight and the life of the LED screen equivalent.

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