Indoor LED Display

High brightness high refresh rate Indoor LED Display LED Video Wall with 3 years Warranty


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Indoor LED Display

High quality full color Indoor LED display with best color uniformity and factory price. we offer all series LED display module with various pixel such as P5mm, P4mm, P3mm, P2mm, P2.5mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm, etc. Our indoor LED display are made with high quality LED chips and driver ICs which ensure the LED screen is high fresh rate and high greyscale.

EX-R Series

500*500mm size Rental LED display with ultra light weight and curve lock, High definition visual effect for indoor and outdoor display.

EX-O Series

Small pixel Rental LED display with ultra light weight and curve lock, seamless connection design with fast lock and HD display.

EX-Y Series

Frontal & rear service Rental LED display with ultra light weight and curve lock and corner protection, easy installation with fast lock.

EF-R Series

Seamless connection Rental LED display with ultra light weight and curve lock, frontal & rear service design for fast installation.

EF-O Series

High Freshrate HD small pixle Rental LED display with ultra light weight and curve lock, frontal & rear service design for easy installation.

EC-R Series

Ultra lightweight ultra thin rental LED Display LED Video wall with high refresh rate and high greyscale to meet Hign-end rental requirements.

EC-O Series

HD rental LED display with High Precision Curve Lock, Support dual service(indoor) with frontal and rear, Easy operation and fast replacement.

EC-Y Series

Rental LED display LED Video wall with fast lock, Corner Protector for LED and Perfect cabinet design,high refresh rate.

EC-L Series

High precision aluminum cabinet Rental LED display support Curve installation. Seamless Splicing, High Definition Visual.

960X960-R Series

Hot Sale Frontal&Real Service Outdoor LED display with 320*320mm panel and 960*960mm led cabinet size.

960X960-O Series

IP67 960*960mm Frontal service LED screen with die casting module design and 320*320mm module.

960X960-Y Series

Customized Outdoor fixed LED display high brightness high waterproof IP65 LED video wall.

1000X1000-R Series

Hot Sale Real Service Outdoor LED display with 320*160mm panel and 960*960mm led cabinet size.

1000X1000-R Series

High brightness Royal Front Maintenance High-end Outdoor Billboard LED Display LED Video wall

400*300 Series

High Refresh rate 4:3 ratio Design small pixel indoor LED display with 400*300mm panel and 200*150mm module size.

480*480 Series

Ultra lightweigh 480*480mm small pixel indoor LED screen with 240*240/120mm module design and frontal service.

400*450 Series

8:9 ratio design High definition indoor LED display with 400*450mm cabinet size and 200*150mm module.

640*480 Series

4:3 ratio design frontal service HD indoor LED display with 640*480mm size and high refresh rate.

600*337.5 Series

16:9 ration design HD indoor frontal service LED display with the size of 600*337.5mm.

Features And Solutions Of Indoor LED Display

Part 1 Why Choose An Indoor LED Display

1、High brightness

Outdoor LED display brightness is around 10000-12000mcd/㎡, which is the only large display terminal that can be used in outdoor all-weather; indoor LED display brightness is around 600-800mcd/㎡. 

2、Long life span

LED life up to 100,000 hours (ten years) or more, the parameter generally refers to the design life, the brightness is dark also counted; 

3、Large viewing angle

The indoor viewing angle can be greater than 160 degrees, the outdoor viewing angle can be greater than 120 degrees. The size of the viewing angle depends on the shape of the LED light-emitting diode. 

4、Screen area can be large or small

Small to less than one square meter, large up to hundreds, thousands of square meters.

Part 2 Features of Indoor LED Screen

1、Good visual effect

LED screen indoor has the characteristics of high brightness, wide viewing angle, and high flatness, so the visual effect will be better. The brightness of indoor LED screens can reach up to 600-800md/㎡, far more than other large screen displays. And the maximum viewing angle of the indoor LED screen is more than 160 degrees so that everyone has a broader view.

What’s more, the indoor LED screen uses the lamp bead device on top of the unit board. So even the splicing can be done overall flat, with no gaps and splicing traces, with a better viewing effect, and it can also adjust the brightness according to the intensity of indoor light.

2、A wide choice

Indoor LED screens are available in many different sizes for you to choose from.

First of all, the screen area has different models, whether it is a large display area of hundreds or thousands, or a delicate and small screen as small as less than one square meter, indoor LED screens can meet your needs.

Secondly, you can connect indoor LED screens to your computers to meet the software.

Finally, the price of indoor LED screens varies, there is always a suitable one for your needs.

3、 Solid and durable

Finally, the indoor LED screen is strong and durable, and can effectively meet the needs of more occasions, which is also another LED screen that does not have these advantages.

In addition, the life span of indoor LED screens is very long. Generally speaking, the average life of an indoor LED display screen can reach more than ten years. So you don’t have to worry about it. And the daily maintenance and repair are also very simple and convenient and do not need too many tedious steps.

Part 3 Installation Types of Indoor LED Display

1、Wall-Mounted Type
  (1) This installation method is usually used for indoor or semi-outdoor.

  (2) The screen display area is small and generally does not leave maintenance channel space. We remove the entire screen for repair or make a folded one-piece frame.

  (3) The screen area is slightly larger, generally using the front maintenance design. (front maintenance design, usually using the column assembly method)

2、Hanging Type

This installation method is similar to the first one, the application is the same. And the screen body uses one cabinet design for indoor, and semi-outdoor screens.

3、Wall Embedded Type
    (1) The entire LED screen body is embedded in the wall, and the display plane is at the same level as the wall.

       (2) We have adopted a simple display cabinet design.

       (3) This installation is generally used for front maintenance (front maintenance design)

    (4) This installation can be used indoors and outdoors. But generally applied with small point distance and display area is not large screen.

    (5) This is generally used for building entrance, building lobby, etc. 

Part 4 Solutions For Indoor LED Displays

1、Indoor LED advertising screens for mall

Some indoor stores in shopping malls have large windows at the entrance of the store to showcase product features or brand images. Indoor advertising LED display are often placed here to increase exposure and attract potential consumers.

Such LED screens for indoor stores require high-quality images and natural colors, as well as energy efficiency to reduce the cost of the store.

In addition, flexible LED screens are installed on top of different shelves in the store to display product prices, promotions, or other details. This indoor LED display screen has to be flexible in size and curvature depending on the design of the shelf.

2、Entertainment places with LED Screen

Indoor LED displays for bars, KTVs, nightclubs, and other indoor entertainment venues. Bars and nightclubs are places that need a different atmosphere to mobilize customers’ emotions according to different themes.

Therefore, ceiling LED display is needed to create an upbeat and exciting atmosphere in entertainment places. In addition, indoor LED screens can be seen on the bars to display product information.

Due to the high demand of customers for an entertainment experience, entertainment venues prefer indoor LED displays that present high-quality and smooth images.

3、LED Screens for Restaurants

Most restaurants have a indoor LED large screen display on the ordering counter for displaying dishes or promotional items. Indoor LED displays in restaurants require large sizes and high brightness to allow customers sitting at a distance to see the content on the display.

4、Hotel lobby and resort indoor LED screens

A large indoor LED screen is installed above the front desk to show the current occupancy of hotel rooms and announce notes. In addition, LED screens are installed on the walls around the hotel lobby to display current events or promotions at hotels and resorts.

In this case, the LED screens in hotels and resorts need to be medium-sized, energy-efficient, with clear and smooth images.

5、Stadium LED Screen

Indoor arenas usually have a ring of LED fence displays around the arena for displaying advertisements or current events. In addition, the center of the venue or the center of the audience area is usually equipped with four LED displays to show the game, the moment of the event, or the audience’s reaction.

Indoor LED screens in stadiums require large sizes that can display high-quality video or images in real-time and smoothly, providing an immersive viewing experience for the audience.

6、LED display screen for advertising indoor and movie shooting

For some virtual scenes of the film and advertising shooting, the traditional way of using a green screen as background requires tedious post-production, which undoubtedly increases the production and time cost.

But as the advantages of LED screens in film and advertising shooting gradually emerge, more and more film and television companies prefer to produce LED display backgrounds rather than green screens for virtual scenes shot to reduce post-production processing costs.

Virtual production LED wall requires large size, high brightness, high-definition picture quality, and natural color to meet the high requirements of film and television production.

7、LED screen for churches

Some churches hold regular mass gathering events. For large churches, LED screens need to be installed in front of the pulpit and around the church walls to display the content of events and meetings so that the congregation sitting at the back can clearly understand the content and progress, so church LED wall is a perfect choice.

In addition, some churches also host wedding events, requiring the church to be equipped with ceiling-mounted LED screens to create a festive atmosphere. Church LED screens are the same as the above scenes, presenting high-quality images and energy saving.

8、LED display for Banks

All banks have a large LED display above the business processing counter, which can show customers the current business processing progress or broadcast information. Bank indoor LED screen is mainly used to display text, the picture quality requirements are not strict.

9、Hospital LED

Because in some hospitals in the United States each functional area, such as the registration area, nurses’ station, medicine pickup area, etc., needs an indoor LED screen to display patient-related information and release emergency announcements.

In hospitals, LED screens are mainly used to display text, the picture quality requirements are not high.

10、Schools LED

Compared to some profitable indoor places, school LED screens are mainly used for publicity and education of events, causes, or activities. Not only that, but schools also hold large events or organize large meetings in indoor gymnasiums or auditoriums, requiring school administrators to install LED screens with the same requirements as the indoor LEDs required for indoor gymnasiums and churches mentioned above.

Part 5 Conclusion

LED screens placed indoors are intended for close viewing, while smaller pixel pitches and higher resolution excel in bringing the most stunning visual impact and far-reaching influence to the target audience.

Meanwhile, for the specificity of different indoor scenes, indoor LED displays should offer multiple sizes, bendability, and lightweight according to the versatility of indoor scenes.

In this case, Royal Display can provide you with the best indoor LED screen solutions, as it meets all the above-mentioned characteristics of indoor LED displays. With FCC and UL certifications, small-pitch LED displays and indoor rental LED screens stand out in the market with superior advantages.

We use a high-precision pixel pitch of 0.9-2.5mm to provide clear and realistic images and video for an outstanding viewing experience for close viewers. Each LED module is more than 15% lighter than traditional rental LED screens and has a bending configuration, making it the perfect solution for corporate hanging use.

The indoor LED display can be used in a variety of scenarios that go far beyond the 10 listed above. It can be used anywhere in the room where the display is needed. If you are considering a small-pitch LED display for your indoor scenario, Royal Display can be a great choice for you.