Dual Service LED Display Module

Front & Rear Service LED Screen Panel

Front & Rear Service LED Screen Panel with factory price and best color uniformity.
we choose High-Quality Nationstar/Kinglight/Hongsen LEDs from LED Lamps Factory directly which have high color contrast
and best color uniformity so as to meet the need for high grayscale and keeping natural color


High Quality LED

Made with High quality LED chips provided by industry-leading LED manufacturers such as Nationstar, Kinglight, Sanan, etc. The modules are better quality with best contrast.

Strict Aging Test

Provide 72 hours aging test and 24 hours video aging to ensure the LED display moudles have best stability, reliability and have no bad LEDs at all.

Stable IC Drivers

High performance IC drivers such as MIB5153,MBI5124, ICN2153,ICN2038S are used to ensure the LED module has high refresh rate to offer best visual experience.

Dual Service Accessable

Designed with dual Maintenance mode, and it help the module can be serviced from front side and real side. Installation and replacement is very easy and convenient.

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Dual Service (Frontal & Rear) Outdoor LED Module

Pixel PitchLEDModule ResolutionLED TypeBrightness(Nits)Module Size(MM)Driving Mode
P3.91mmSMD192164*64SMD 3in1>6000250*2501/8Scan
P4.8mmSMD192152*52SMD 3in1>6000250*2501/7Scan
P4mmSMD192180*80SMD 3in1>5500320*3201/10Scan
P5.3mmSMD192160*60SMD 3in1>5500320*3201/8Scan
P6.67mmSMD272748*48SMD 3in1>5500320*3201/6Scan
P8mmSMD353540*40SMD 3in1>5500320*3201/5Scan
P10mmSMD353532*32SMD 3in1>5500320*3201/2Scan
P5.3mmSMD192160*60SMD 3in15500-6000320*3201/6Scan
P6.67mmSMD272748*48SMD 3in15000-5500320*3201/6Scan
P8mmSMD353540*40SMD 3in15000-5500320*3201/5Scan
P10mmSMD353532*32SMD 3in16000-6500320*3201/2Scan

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Wanna get LED display module and LED display screen with easy installation and fast-maintenance features? Want to save more labor-cost and budgets on your LED display projects? Then dual-service LED module can help you achieve all these with reasonable prices!

In this post, we will discuss what essential features of dual-service LED modules can improve efficiency, and what types of modules support dual-service. By reading this post, you will get insights about different maintenance ways of LED display, and how to choose the appropriate one for yourselves!

Table of Contents

1. What Is Dual Service LED Module?

Dual-service LED module refers to LED display module supporting two maintenance methods and can be serviced from both front side and real side.

Unlike traditional rear-service LED display module where you have to leave enough room for maintenance, dual-service LED display allows you to maintain the modules and other components such as the power supply box from both sides, which gives people more convenience and save them more energy and time.

1.1 What Is Front-service LED Display?

Its function allows the screen to adapt perfectly to the 90-shape wall-mounted installation. The full front access design allows all components, e.g. B. the power box, the receiving card and other accessories can be removed from the front of the LED cabinets.

The main feature is space-saving. For structures installed indoors or inlaid/wall-mounted, space is extremely precious, so there is not much room left for maintenance access. 

Therefore, front-maintenance can greatly reduce the overall thickness of the LED full-color display screen structure, which can integrate well with the surrounding building environment and save space while ensuring the effect. 

However, this structure requires high equipment heat dissipation function.

Royal Front-service LED Display Examples

1.2 How about Rear-service LED Display?

For rear-maintenance LED displays, there are door-like openings to provide easy access to the internal components.

This type of maintenance is more efficient and easier. Large LED displays located on the outside of the building are typically easier for staff to access and service from the back.

Generally speaking, indoor small-pitch LED screens such as conference display screens, security monitoring display screens, control command center display screens, etc. adopt the front maintenance method.

In order to achieve a thinner LED display and higher maintenance efficiency, the front maintenance method can also be used for outdoor LED displays.

For example, smart pole LED screen adopts a front maintenance design, which eliminates the cumbersome screw disassembly, and allows for the direct removal of LED modules using suction tools.

2. 4 Benefits You Get from Dual-service LED Module

(1) The overall structure can be thinner and lighter, and can better blend into the architectural environment.

(2) Save space, and can maximize the use of environmental space, and reduce the difficulty of later maintenance.

(3) Improve efficiency, and is simpler and more convenient to be disassembled and assembled.

(4) Support front service and rear service at the same time, which provides more availability for different use scenarios.

For example, for roof and pillar-type LED display, rear maintenance can be more suitable sometimes. While for indoor LED display, there is no need for enough back room for people to complete maintenance.

Depending on different application scenarios, one can choose between these two maintenance methods based on actual needs.

3. Types of Dual-service LED Display Modulesre

Here are three kinds of installation methods for different types of LED display modules: by magnet, by buckle and by screws.

And the first two of them can support both front maintenance and back maintenance.

But LED modules with screws can support front maintenance only if the pixel pitch is relatively large, for instance, P5, P6, P8, and P10.

However, now the most popular LED module types are LED display modules with magnets, and LED module with buckles.

(1) LED modules with magnets

The magnets allow the LED module to be easily attached to any magnetic surface, such as metal beams, walls, or ceilings, without the need for screws or other mounting hardware. 

This makes installation and removal quick and easy, and it also allows for flexibility in positioning.

We often equip 6 magnets for one LED module to make sure both stability and convenience as more magnets may result in difficulty to remove the modules.

Just with a simple suction tool, you can disassemble the module within seconds.

(2) LED modules with buckles

This kind of module usually needs a simple front maintenance tool to unlock or lock the buckles. In this way, modules can be easily connected to the cabinet structure or be disassembled from them.

front service led module
dual service led module with buckles

(3) LED display module with screws

The modules need to be fixed with screws, and this type is now slowly fading out of the market due to high labor-costing. And for fine pixel pitch LED display, this maintenance method is not available.

4. Conclusion

Dual-service LED display modules can offer users more convenience, help them save more budgets, and increase profits! Unlike traditional back-service LED modules, you can easily remove or install the modules with a simple tool such as a free front-maintenance tool provided by us within several seconds!

Want to get detailed quotations of dual-service LED module? Just contact us, and our professional staff will reply to you as quickly as possible.