Indoor LED Display Module

Indoor LED Screen Panel

High quality high definition Indoor LED display module with factory price and best color uniformity.
we choose High-Quality Nationstar/Kinglight/Hongsen LEDs from LED Lamps Factory directly which have high color contrast and best color uniformity so as to meet the need for high grayscale and keeping natural color


High Quality LED

Made with High quality LED chips provided by industry-leading LED manufacturers such as Nationstar, Kinglight, Sanan, etc. The modules are better quality with best contrast.

Strict Aging Test

Provide 72 hours aging test and 24 hours video aging to ensure the LED display moudles have best stability, reliability and have no bad LEDs at all.

Stable IC Drivers

High performance IC drivers such as MIB5153,MBI5124, ICN2153,ICN2038S are used to ensure the LED module has high refresh rate to offer best visual experience.

All Series Pitch Available

A wider range of pixel pitch LED modules can be offerd as customers' requirement. The pitch including P10mm, P6mm, P5mm, P4mm, P3mm, P2mm, P2.5mm, P2mm, etc.

Featured Products

320x160mm Series Indoor LED Module

Pixel PitchLEDModule ResolutionLED TypeBrightness(Nits)Module Size(MM)Driving Mode
P1.25mm1010 (Black LED)256*128SMD 3 in1600-800320*1601/64Scan
P1.538mm1212 (Black LED)208*104SMD 3 in1600-800320*1601/52Scan
P1.667mm1212 (Black LED)192*96SMD 3 in1600-800320*1601/48Scan
P1.839mm1515 (Black LED)174*87SMD 3 in1600-800320*1601/58Scan
P1.839mm1515 (Black LED)174*87SMD 3 in1600-800320*1601/58Scan
P1.86mm1515 (Black LED)172*86SMD 3 in1600-800320*1601/43Scan
P2mm1515 (Black LED)160*80SMD 3 in1600-800320*1601/40Scan
P2.5mm2020 (Black LED)128*64SMD 3 in1800-1000320*1601/32Scan
P3.076mm2020 (Black LED)104*52SMD 3 in1800-1000320*1601/26Scan
P4mm2020 (Black LED)80*40SMD 3 in1800-1000320*1601/20Scan
P5mm2121 (Black LED)64*32SMD 3 in1800-1000320*1601/16Scan

250x250mm Series Indoor LED Module

Pixel PitchLEDModule ResolutionLED TypeBrightness(Nits)Module Size(MM)Driving Mode
P2.604mm1515 (Black LED)96*96SMD 3 in1800-1000250*2501/32Scan
P2.976mm1515 (Black LED)84*84SMD 3 in1800-1000250*2501/28Scan
P3.91mm2020 (Black LED)64*64SMD 3 in1800-1000250*2501/16Scan
P4.81mm2020 (Black LED)52*52SMD 3 in1800-1000250*2501/13Scan

Other Series Indoor LED Modules

Pixel Pitch LED Module Resolution LED Type Brightness(Nits) Module Size(MM) Driving Mode
P2mm(MOQ>100) 1515 (Black LED) 64*64 SMD 3 in1 800-1000 128*128 1/32Scan
P2mm 1515 (Black LED) 128*64 SMD 3 in1 800-1000 256*128 1/32Scan
P2.5mm(MOQ>100) 2121 (Black LED) 64*32 SMD 3 in1 800-1000 160*80 1/16Scan
P2.5mm 2121 (Black LED) 64*64 SMD 3 in1 800-1000 160*160 1/32Scan
P3mm(MOQ>100) 2121 (Black LED) 64*32 SMD 3 in1 800-1000 192*96 1/16Scan
P3mm 2121 (Black LED) 64*64 SMD 3 in1 800-1000 192*192 1/32Scan
P4mm(MOQ>100) 2121 (Black LED) 32*32 SMD 3 in1 800-1000 128*128 1/8Scan
P4mm 2121 (Black LED) 64*32 SMD 3 in1 800-1000 256*128 1/16Scan
P4mm 2121 (Black LED) 64*64 SMD 3 in1 800-1000 256*256 1/32Scan
P5mm(MOQ>100) 2121 (Black LED) 64*32 SMD 3 in1 800-1000 160*160 1/16Scan
P5mm 3528 (White LED) 64*32 SMD 3 in1 800-1000 160*160 1/16Scan
P5mm 3528 (White LED) 64*32 SMD 3 in1 800-1000 320*160 1/16Scan
P6mm 3528 (White LED) 32*16 SMD 3 in1 800-1000 192*96 1/8Scan
P6mm 3528 (White LED) 32*32 SMD 3 in1 800-1000 192*192 1/16Scan
P6mm 3528 (White LED) 64*32 SMD 3 in1 800-1000 384*192 1/16Scan
P7.62mm 3528 (White LED) 32*16 SMD 3 in1 800-1000 244*122 1/8Scan
P7.62mm 3528 (White LED) 32*32 SMD 3 in1 800-1000 244*244 1/16Scan
P10mm 3528 (White LED) 32*16 SMD 3 in1 800-1000 320*160 1/4Scan
P10mm 3528 (White LED) 32*16 SMD 3 in1 800-1000 320*160 1/8Scan

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Imagine you have a vivid and high-definition screen for you to advertise or impress your targeted group, and it is also very durable and has good value of money. All these can be achieved by indoor LED module!

In this post, we will discuss some of the most information about indoor LED module to help you get more profits!

1. What Is Indoor LED Module

Indoor LED module refers to LED modules that are applied in indoor, and the pixel pitch are generally smaller than P5, and those LED modules with pixel pitch under P2 are called small pitch pixel LED module, such as P2.604, P3.91, P2.5, P1.56, P1.25 indoor LED display modules. 

The most common sizes can be 320*160mm and 250*250mm.

1.1 What Are the Benefits?

(1) Enjoyable visibility

Indoor LED modules support high sharpness, image resolution, and can offer better pixels for remarkable visuals and close viewing distance.

The ultimate clarity and fast responses can be used for many using scenarios such as concerts, conferences, festivals and any other occasions.

(2) Flexible sizes

It offers high possibility of flexibility in their size, and also shapes, whether you want a display that is square or rectangular, small or large, flat or curved. This feature is very outstanding when compared with LCD display or projectors.

All sizes of these LED screens are achievable by requesting size or shape. Many of these indoor LED display are customizable, and are lightweight.

(3) Multi-functional

LED display screen can be used to advertise, entertain, intercommunicate and many other applications. However, it is the only electronic product that does not require bothersome maintenance and installation.

(4) High value of money

Indoor LED display modules offer high cost efficiency for its durability and versatility. Easy to install and maintain, less energy consuming and more convenient operation.

It promotes business and can be used in many places such as offices, hospitals, schools and supermarkets, etc.

(5) High durability

Usually, LED display screens are made of durable materials to increase the durability, they are not prone to frequent breakage, and service life can last about 100,000 hours.

1.2 Differences between Indoor and Outdoor LED Module

(1) Pixel pitch

Outdoor LED display often apply larger pixel pitch LED display for its longer viewing distance. However, for indoor LED display, pixel pitches under 3mm are often used such as P2.5mm LED module to create clearer image quality for conference room, shopping mall, companies, trade show, exhibition, etc.

(2) Brightness

For outdoor LED module, the brightness level, typically the brightness should reach 5,500 nits to enable that it can be seen clearly even under direct sunlight. But for indoor LED module, the requirement for brightness level is not so high as indoor ambient light can be much lower than outdoors.

(3) Installation methods

For indoor LED screen, there often should be enough room behind the screen to maintain it. And front service LED modules are more popular.

(4) Protection ability

IP43 can be enough for indoor environment, and IP65 is the basic level for outdoor LED display. What is more, outdoor module should have better heat dissipation.

2. Where Can You Use Indoor LED Display Module?

Where can you use indoor LED display module to increase potential profits as much as possible? Where can you adopt indoor LED screen to maximize its advantages? There we give you some useful advice.

(1) Conference LED display

Conference LED display has high consistency and uniformity of color and brightness, and the whole screen brightness support intelligent adjustment, and can adapt to a variety of indoor display environment. 

The high contrast ratio, faster response speed, high refresh rate can show information in the form of pictures or videos, making communication easier and smoother.

indoor confernence led display

Royal Conference LED Display

(2) Trade show LED display

Trade show LED display should support clear and delicate pictures and videos. By our indoor LED modules, the enterprise’s promotional materials are displayed in the form of pictures and videos, and the clear effect and vivid colors will make the viewers remember deeply so as to better establish the corporate image.

(3) Office block

Indoor LED displays supports large viewing angle to display contents no dead angle, and are suitable for multi-angle viewing.

No color bias, not distortion, no reflection and more perfect images allow people view the real-time updated information in a timely manner.

(4) Shopping mall

Due to its modular design, indoor LED module can be used to construct creative LED displays with specific shapes such as ball, circular and cube.

The high refresh rate, realistic color, good heat dissipation and high cost performance can show pictures and videos clearly to meet close viewing distance.

Moreover, we provide indoor GOB LED module with higher protection ability that you can use on places where people can touch the screen easily like in elevators or on the entrance of elevators.

3. Indoor LED Module Price

The main components of indoor LED module can be PCB boards, LED lamp beads, cables, sheer, IC driver, rubber ring and mask. The higher the quality of these components, the higher the price of LED module.

Moreover, indoor LED module price relates closely with pixel pitch, driver IC and LED lamp bead. The smaller pixel pitch LED display may have higher price, and higher price typically represents higher quality such as longer service life, higher brightness and better stability.

3.1 What Does Indoor LED Display Cost Include?

If you want build a LED display by LED module but not LED display cabinet, what should be included in the indoor LED display cost? Here we list you some of the basic points.

(1) LED module cost

Different LED lamp beads, PCB boards, IC driver, cables, rubber, mask all have different prices, thus LED module cost is different, too.

(2) LED control system

LED sending card and receiving card with different specifications have different prices. The number of them according to the size of the LED display screen. 

Generally speaking, the larger the indoor LED display, the higher the density of the screen so as the more number of control cards needed.

(3) Software

Different LED control systems have different supporting software and they are usually free of cost. Also, technical training on the operation of the software will be offered.

(4) Supporting equipment

For instance, controlled computers, audio amplifiers, air conditioners, power distribution cabinets, multi-function LED control cards, LED video processor, etc. Which one of them you will use based on the specific needs of that using scenarios.

(5) Frame and labor cost

The steel frame and labor used to install the screen will generate some costs. LED display company will provide drawing, and delegate technical staff to assist the installation.

(6) Shipping cost

The specific costs refer to the weight and volume of commodity, distance and modes of transport.

4. How to Install LED Module?

This question can be understood as how to make LED display by LED module. Compared with installation by LED display cabinets, this way has higher cost-efficiency to save you budget.

(1) Calculate the size of screen

For example, you have 10 LED modules with size of 250*250mm in horizontal and 10 modules in vertical.

So the LED screen size is:

In height: 250mm * 10 = 2500m

In width: 250mm * 10 = 2500m

If there is need of edging the product, presume the width of flat sides of stainless steel is 2mm, and the width of the seam is around 5-8mm. And we plus these two factors to get the final value of 10mm.

Thus, the final occupying space of the screen will be:

In height: 250mm * 10 + 10mm = 2510mm

In width: 250mm * 10 = 10mm = 2510mm

(2) Make the frame

(3) Assemble power supply, LED control card

(4) Install LED display module

The sequence should be from the bottom to the top, and from the middle to the two sides.

This is especially important for small pitch pixel LED display as it puts forward higher requirements for accuracy.

(5) Configuration

After installing four modules and one receiving card, you can start to test them by powering on, and then continuing the installation.

You should do this in order to avoid unnecessary operations, because if you have already completed the installation and find some problems, you will have to dismantle already installed LED modules.

5. Conclusions

Indoor LED module can support high-definition image quality, easy installation and maintenance, high value of money and also, we can provide you fast delivery and 7/24 after-sales service!

Just contact us for reasonable and detailed quotation, or any information you want. Anything about LED display module, you can find on royal display.